Friday, December 31, 2004

IT Cares for Tsunami Relief Campaign

The Indian Ocean Tsunami is a devastating tragedy. It wrecked families all over the world and has caused sever damages in many of our neighboring nations. Tens of thousands lives have been lost and thousands remain missing. Several million people have become homeless and displaced. The human suffering has saddened all of us. It is time for us to share and to give our support to the numerous communities waiting for our help.

The initiating organizations of “IT Matters for Hong Kong” urge you to lend a helping hand to our “IT Cares for Tsunami Relief Campaign”. The Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS) will be the coordinating party for this joint effort. Your contribution to this relief effort can be in many forms:

1. Direct Donations - We urge you to make monetary donations to any of the charitable organizations that are offering aides to the disaster region. Suggested international aide organizations include:

Hong Kong Red Cross 香港紅十字會
2802 0021 6185 7693
HSBC 匯豐銀行 500-334149-010
Hang Sang Bank 恆生銀行 267-175123-009
Bank of East Asia 東亞銀行 806-0-003403-3
Bank of China 中國銀行 514-40-66899-0

World Vision Hong Kong 香港世界宣明會
2394 2394
HSBC 匯豐銀行 018-377077-003
Hang Sang Bank 恆生銀行 286-364385-005
Bank of China 中國銀行 012-883-0-002666-2

Medicin San Frontiers 無國界醫生
2338 8277
HSBC 匯豐銀行 002-2-398226

UNICEF 聯合國兒童基金會
2833 6139
HSBC 匯豐銀行 567-354014-001
Bank of China 中國銀行 012-875-0-021868-3

Oxfam Hong Kong 樂施會
2520 2525
HSBC 匯豐銀行 047-834668-001
Bank of China 中國銀行 012-874-0010515-7

Salvation Army 救世軍
2783 2333
HSBC 匯豐銀行 580-149649-001
Bank of China 中國銀行 012-878-1-044486-6
Bank of East Asia 東亞銀行 015-515-10-30085-4

2. Company/Organization Email Donation Drives - In addition to your individual donation effort, we urge your company to send emails to your employees to urge them to donate. We would like you to inform us so your participation so your efforts can be acknowledged in the official website of “IT Matters for Hong Kong”. To help us in identifying and thanking the effort of your company or organization, as well as to show to the public the collective efforts by the IT community in Hong Kong, please email to with the following information:

Name of your company or organization
Amount of donation (optional)
Agencies donated to

3. IT Assistance - As IT professionals or companies, if you or your organization can offer IT capabilities to assist in the search for missing persons, to help friends and relatives of victims or missing persons to find their loved ones, or any other technical support you can offer to parties involved in the aide effort, please let us know and we would do our best to make arrangements so that your help can benefit the people in need. Please contact HKCS at 2834 2228 if you have ideas to help on the technical aspects.

As a community – from being a part of Hong Kong to being a part of Asia, from our profession of IT to being a part of the global village – let us show the world that IT CARES.

Thank you and may all blessings be with you, your family and your company in 2005.

Organizers of “IT Cares for Tsunami Relief Campaign”
and “IT Matters for Hong Kong”

[1] The initiating organizations of “IT Matters for Hong Kong” are Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS), Hong Kong Information Technology Federation (HKITF), Information and Software Industry Association (ISIA) and Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA).


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