Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Broadband access seminar at Chinese University of Hong Kong

Today I gave a talk to the graduate students in the Department of Information Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, on the topic of broadband access. Here's the abstract:

The Internet is more than 35 years old, and its growth has hardly slowed down. From its root as a U.S. defense oriented research project to its present omnipresence, it has truly come a long, long way. But from here, where will IP (Internet protocol) technology go, especially now fueled by the adoption of broadband infrastructure and technologies? The talk will provide an overview of the issues that the Internet is facing today, from technology challenges with security and privacy to IPv6 and ENUM, and also policy and business concerns including intellectual property, anti-spamming, and privacy. In addition, the major Internet trends from an industry or even investor’s perspective will be discussed, along with some interesting examples of possible “killer applications” already amongst us, like blogging, music download (iPod and iTunes) and digital video recording (TiVo).

Thanks to Professor Chinlon Lin who invited me to give the talk. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for me to be able to share with the graduate students and staff of the department!


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