Monday, June 06, 2005

Soliciting Your Views for HKSAR Chief Executive By-Election

Dear Colleagues in the IT Industry,

As a member of the Election Committee of the IT Sub-sector, I would like to solicit your views about the election of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR.

Please post your comments here on this blog, or email to me directly at .

Charles Mok

In addition, please note the following message from all the twenty election committee members.


Dear Colleagues,

As you know, the election exercise for the next Chief Executive (CE) is now underway. It is a timely opportunity for the IT industry and professionals to reaffirm the various and important IT-related issues which should have the CE’s focused attention to support the ongoing and further development of the IT industry and its human capital.

You are therefore invited to submit your relevant views via email to by June 13 at the latest. You are required to attach your name to your submission in case clarification of your views is to be sought. We will coordinate the compiliation of all the views submitted for forward transmission to the candidate(s) who are validated and accepted by the Electoral Affairs Commission for the election exercise.

We sincerely request for your cooperation and look forward to your submission. Thank you for your attention.


Members of Election Committee, Information Technology Subsector:

AU Wai Hung (Anthony), CHENG Lee Ming, HO Pui Tak, KAN Man Lok Paul, KAN Wing Kay, Daniel LAI, LAU Ka Men Stephen, LI King Heng Richard, LO Wai Kwok, MA Chee Keung Louis, Charles Peter MOK, MAK TANG Pik Yee Agnes, NG Cheung Sing, TAM Wai Ho Samson, TSANG Lai Keung, WONG Ho Ching (Chris), WONG King Fai (Peter), YEUNG Kwok Keung, YUNG Kai Ning, YUNG Kai Tai


At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our teachers taught us to be honest. And we teach our kids to be honest. But we are not honest. We are all kneeling to that unseen pressure. It is now time, our representatives, to practice what you were preached. Pick your nominations, whoever it is, honestly.

At 5:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe Donald Tsang is a more suitable person than the other two. BUT I am feeling extremely uncomfortable with the way the election is run: tricks, ploys, threats to steer nominations away from the other two. Why ? Purely for this reason I will be happy to see more than one candidate nominated to the final election. Our IT electors, please act and don't let us know that you all will "unanimously" nominate one person.


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