Saturday, November 19, 2005

Chelsea 3, Newcastle United 0

Today I watched my live first English Premiership football match! And it was with league leader Chelsea and Newcastle United in London!

Today, Saturday Nov 19 2005, I went to the Stamford Bridge early before the game to try to get a ticket. The game was sold out, and the biggest crowd of the year for a Chelsea home game. So, needless to say touters did not make it cheap for me at all.

I got a seat at the Shed End Lower, just to the left behind the goal, on the fourth row. Not a good view of the whole play, but really close to the players. Talk about the players, up close and personal! Frank Lampard, John Terry, Joe Cole, Damien Duff, Hernan Crespo, Petr Cech for the home team, and more. Asier del Horno on the side of Chelsea defense where I sat was also impressive. The disappointment was that both Alan Shearer and Michael Owen -- whose two heroic goals in the last minutes of the England win over Argentina only a week ago -- were out with injury for the Newcastle side. Chelsea striker Didier Drogba was also in suspension.

[A Newcastle corner kick at the Chelsea goal side]

It was a great day for football. Under 10 degree temperature but such a clear sunny day with beautiful blue sky. (In fact, it has been like this for the whole week I was in the UK, so lucky!) Too bad all the three goals of the game were in the second half, on the other side of the goal. But it was a great experience -- the atmosphere, the home crowd chanting and singing "That's why we're the Champions" after they scored and an overall good time.


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