Monday, May 22, 2006

Comments on drink driving

I was quoted by Metro Daily on May 22 in its front page headline article 私家車撞的士兩死 男子涉醉駕 about a tragic drunk driving case that happened at dawn of May 21 in Homantin. Two people in a taxi that was hit by a car driven by a drunk driver died. I was quoted as saying:



In fact, what I meant was we should not judge the effectiveness of the law based on one single case, however tragic it may be. The current legislation is not ineffective, but sentencing by the court is somehow rather lax. The police in my opinions has been doing what they can do under the power given to them by law. But they can do more monitoring at locations near bar districts, and the parking garages near those areas.

However, I am hesitant about giving the police random rights to stop and test people to test, because I am concerned about excessive police power, which may lead to abuse or ver possibly cases of dusputes between drivers and police.

Education and public awareness can also be reinforced, as the present public messages lack punches. More blood and gore please.


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