Sunday, June 04, 2006

Global Day of Prayer 2006

I attended the Global Day of Prayer, held in the Hong Kong Stadium, for the second year. Over 40,000 Christians gathered to pray for the world, Hong Kong, the church and other global and current issues.

On this Pentecostal Sunday, which happens to be June 4, it was disappointing to me that these Christian leaders who carefully crafted the prayer message chose to bypass even a single word of prayer for this single most significant injustice in the recent history of our country -- the June 4 massacre of 1989, the dead and all the wounded souls even to today.

Oh Lord, forgive us Christians in Hong Kong, for we have sinned against you by choosing to close our eyes to injustice in our own country, in exchange for false peace with our earthly rulers. I pray for the leaders of the Global Day of Prayer campaign that they will have the courage to say the truth to our earthly rulers -- what Jesus would surely say to the rulers of China about that June 4 of seventeen years.

The truth can stand no compromise.


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