Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Interview by RTHK's "The Pulse" on anti-spam legislation

Today, I was interviewed by RTHK's English news program "The Pulse," on the topic of the anti-spam legislation recently put before Legco. I think the legislation is necessary at this stage, because of the international trend in this direction, and in order that Hong Kong does not become a spam haven, we have to put up relevant legislation. The current "opt-out" mechsnism is more favorable to e-marketers, and it will remain to be seen how effective it is to avoid local e-marketers to resort to spam tactics. However, the community must not have an over expectation about the effects of the law once enacted, because most of the spams in Hong Kong come from outside of the territory anyway.

The segment should be aired tomorrow on Friday, October 27, 2006, evening on ATV World at 18:55 and TVB Pearl at 01:00. Initial webcast will be at 21:00-21:30 on the same evening in RTHK's website.


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