Monday, December 11, 2006

Thank You for Supporting Democracy and IT / 感謝支持民主香港‧IT新機會

Dear Voters and Friends in the Information Technology Sub-sector,

I would like to thank you for your participation in the IT sub-sector election on December 10, and your support for me and all other candidates in the election! I was successfully elected with 1,228 votes yesterday. I thank you for each vote that I have received, and I will work even harder for every vote that I did not get today.

Furthermore, on behalf of several other candidates, namely John Chiu, Daniel Lai, Stephen Lau, Sunny Lee, Richard Li and Agnes Mak, we would like to sincerely thank all voters for your support.

Our IT sub-sector achieved an impressive voter turnout rate of over 45%, more than doubling the turnout rates of 21.95% of the 2000 election. Our voters have spoken loud and clear that they want a faster pace for democracy in Hong Kong and a contested Chief Executive election.

I would pledge to continue to work hard for our IT industry, along with our IT20 ticket, all the other candidates in this election, and every single person and organization in our industry. My goal is to work with all of you to apply our collective power to successfully establish IT as the fifth pillar industry in Hong Kong.

Please continue to share your views with me on how we can create a better future for IT and democracy!


Charles Mok






講繼續把您的意見給我, 讓我們同創一個美好的IT和民主新世界!

莫乃光 敬上


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