Monday, April 02, 2007

Purdue Club dinner with President Martin Jischke

Tonight Purdue Club Hong Kong held a dinner in honor of President Martin Jischke of Purdue University, who will be retiring in June this year. Under President Jischke's leadership, Purdue has advanced tremendously in its academic standing and overall quality of education and research.

In recent years there are a growing number of Purdue exchange students in Hong Kong, and this evening five of them joined our dinner for the first time in a PCHK gathering.

PCHK presented President Jisckhe with a Chinese calligraphy scroll -- pictured from left: Prof Anna Pao Sohmen, me, Mr CH Kwan, President Jischke and Dr Ken Wai.

A final group picture! (More pictures from the evening can be viewed here -- link will be valid up to July 2007.)


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