Saturday, September 22, 2007


今天去了香港大學 法律系 比較及公共法律中心的普選研討會("Universal Suffrage in Hong Kong: The Green Paper and Beyond")。

科大 成名教授清楚有力地提出各種民主普選對經濟發展以至政治問責的好處的研究證據,學術上比昨天聽潘維教授講的客觀和紮實得多,而他所提出的資料中較有題的更包括香港後物質主義文化的興起與民主訴求的關係,後物質主義要求自由、更大政治參與,和要求政府決策尊重民意,而香港在後物質主義排名原來已高達全球第六。


政治與行政學系戴大為(Michael Davis)教授與易教授至少有一共通觀點吧,就是這些對普選的爭議其實只在乎於要把某些人拒於門外,其他講乜道理也只是借口。



At 3:36 PM, Blogger Charles Mok said...

Last night I received a kind message from Prof Yee expressing his feelings after reading my post. First, I have to admit that I used a rather "casual" (as Prof Yee pointed out) tone to comment about his presentation, and while I did not mean it in any slighting kind of way, it was probably still uncalled for and did not serve justice for the seriousness of the topic, and I regret any discomfort it might have caused to Prof Yee and anyone else.

Prof Yee expressed that he felt that I might not understand the debate. When I read that I had the feeling that this is exactly the problem we have been facing. On either side (let's assume there are two sides), each is feeling that the other side is not "getting it." In a sense I am happy that Prof Yee got this feeling, because frankly, that is the same feeling that we on the pro-democracy side have been feeling all through the years.

Most definitely we need to have more communications and break down the barriers and find compromise.



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