Friday, October 12, 2007


今早特首曾蔭權在香港電台 Radio 3接受訪問(線上觀看收聽),談到民主:

Hugh Chiverton: "Despite what you were saying, Mr Tsang, I was struck by one phrase toward the end of the policy address, you say we promote democratic development without compromising social stability or government efficiency. That kind of implies that democratic development does compromise social stability or government efficiency..."

Donald Tsang: "It can, it can. If one goes to the extreme, people can go to the extreme, you have the Cultural Revolution for instance in China, where people taking everything into their hands, then you cannot govern the place. And the similar thing is for instance..."

Hugh Chiverton: "The Cultural Revolution wasn't really an extreme example of democracy, isn't..."

Donald Tsang: "It is people taking power into their own hands, now, this is what is meant by democracy, if they take it to the full swing. And, in other democracies, you have even an elected overturn a policy, in California for instance, you have initiative number what, and then you overturn the policy of the government. That is not necessarily conducive to efficient government. And, so, you, you have to strike the balance, you, you at the end of the day, I do believe we in Hong Kong are moving in a rational manner. Um, but as far as universal suffrage goes, you know my personal commitment. And my administration started the ball rolling within a fortnight of our installment and immediately we go into work. And I am still determined to help people of Hong Kong achieve universal suffrage, arrive in a good package of universal suffrage within my administration."




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