Friday, June 20, 2008

IT Matters 2008 Forum

The IT Matters 2008 Forum was held today, and I was pleased to be one of the speakers, along with Mr Hubert Ng (CAHK), Prof David Cheung (HKU), Mr Jeremy Godfrey (GCIO), Hon Sin Chung-Kai, Dr Samson Tam (HKIE-ITD), and Prof KK Wei (CityU).

In 2004, we started IT Matters in Hong Kong. This year, our Forum is aptly entitled "ICT Strategically Matters for Hong Kong -- The Way Forward" -- we have to form a strategic, forward-looking, long-term and committed view for ICT development in Hong Kong, with a sense of mission and leadership.

I talked about four focus areas that I believe are critical for our future: eGovernment, security, infrastructure, and manpower development. By applying ICT to improve the quality of life of the people in Hong Kong, through strengthening our core infrastructure in a secured environment, and focusing on people development, this I believe will form a basic blueprint for an IT renewal in Hong Kong.


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