Wednesday, June 17, 2009

「解剖綠壩」討論會 -- 本周六 理工大學

本周六下午,香港的資訊保安與互聯網業界人士將舉行「解剖綠壩」討論會,還邀請到中國著名博客毛向輝(Isaac Mao)參與,和我們分享中國網民對「綠壩」的各方面回應和行動。從這活動,我希望香港可以找到我們應該做的事。

Topic: 解剖綠壩 Dissection of Green Dam
Date: 20-Jun-2009 (Sat)
Time: 2:00-5:00 pm
Venue: PQ304, PolyU, Hung Hom, Kowloon


Charge: Free
Language: Cantonese plus Putonghua/English

1. Dissection of Green Dam installation and footprints (Anthony Lai and Valkyrie-X Research Lab)
2. Performance Analysis of filtering mechanism (Sang Young)
3. Vulnerability Analysis (Valkyrie-X Research Lab)
4. Green Dam Findings and Actions in China (Isaac Mao*)
5. Panel Discussion - All speakers

* Mr Isaac Mao, Fellow of the Berkman Center of Internet & Society of Harvard University, and leading blogger in China
Profile: Hong Kong, we have been discussing controversial content filtering proposals recently, including both server and client side techniques. And, last week, the China central government announced the launching of a mandatory client-side filtering solution to be included in all PCs to be shipped in the Mainland after July 1. This measure has direct impact to the hundreds of millions of Internet users in China and at the same time affects PC manufacturers, online advertising company, bloggers and many others. In order to have a detailed technical understanding of this software, the organizersa invite you to this seminar, where we will have technical experts from Hong Kong and China to share their findings and observations, including from inside of China.


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