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今早做了一件很儍的事,雖然從未當自己facebook專家,但出了事也真幾失禮,好無面 :-(

星期五我們ISOC-HK主辦大型活動,為了最後衝刺宣傳,在十多個facebook的groups寫了wall post,在沒有警告下,戶口即時被disabled了!唉,沒有facebook的日子,原來很難過,無助感更難受,像日子少了什麼似的。戶口disabled了即自己不能登入,人家也再見不到我了,所以這也是Facebook沒有我的日子。

朋友告訴我,最好多找一些人發電郵給disabled@facebook.com和appeals@facebook.com幫吓口,說我是「無心之失」啩,現在只可低低哋求情,請求他們重開我的戶口,希望各位幫忙:我的戶口是"charlesmok",登記用的電郵是 mok@hknet.com,可以的話也請提及你自己的facebook戶口身分。

話說回頭,facebook的殺戶口政策,也真是「未錯過不會知」的,像我這次的例子也是沒有警告就「即殺」的,其實對用戶並不公平,由殺至放的規範完全不透明,申訴渠道不清楚,也沒有履約承諾(performance guarantee),至少說也是「很有問題」的。你我作為facebook用戶,怎辦?


後記:謝謝各位幫忙,但似乎facebook只會向你覆電郵說:「The email address from which you are writing is not associated with a Facebook account.」可能根本無人用腦看內容。沒有用戶,哪有facebook今日咁發?如此「服務」怎可接受?


At 6:46 PM, Anonymous 魏志豪 derek Ngai said...

我也曾差點出事:生日那天收到三十多個"happy birthday",想好有誠意的逐一回覆(順便請他們閱讀我的blog文《多謝》*),連續回覆十幾個後即收到警告,說我已超額,再不「收手」便會被封。餘下十幾個我只好忍手不覆了。:-(

* http://derekngai.mysinablog.com/index.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=1755604

At 7:01 PM, Blogger scleung 梁兆昌 said...

Charles, I have sent my relief call for you.

It seems Facebook is wildly abused these days that they have a much stricter policy. Now when I share a link, FB need me enter the captcha image code.

At 7:15 PM, Blogger 黑武士仲尼 said...

Charles Mok, I have also posted the message on facebook as my relief call for you as well. Hope that the facebook account would soon be revived.

At 7:48 PM, Blogger Joseph said...

用咗咁耐Facebook都唔知有呢條Rules, 好在有你示範 :p,anyway will send the email now

At 8:07 PM, Blogger Charles Mok said...

Thanks to you all!

I also got this from a friend:

one of the group for stop disable facebook account

but i found a interesting reply there, hope Charles may find useful

"My FB account HAD been DISABLE for a while ,now is finally ENABLE !

Finally, I could joy my account again ,after so many messages I ve sent to the Facebook departaments . My account had been disable for 1 month just .
Just kept trying (EVERYDAY) sending to this follow emails ....

appeals@facebook.com; disabled@facebook.com; info@facebook.com; notification+ochdrrpf@face
bookmail.com; comment-info-rt@facebook.com; abuse+dupdx6x@facebook.com; affiliations@facebook.com; login@facebook.com; privacy@facebook.com

Guys I ve sent my doubts to those emails add above and they re answering back in less then 24 hours ..try on and good luck !
But the answer always come from : appeals@facebook.com
To be totally sure send to all of them...

Report ur problem polite and dont lose your cool !"

Sigh, month(s)!!!

At 9:46 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Dear Charles,

繼續寫 blog 吧! 每天幫你貼在 facebook.


At 10:48 PM, Blogger danRyan said...

不用低聲下氣吧! 它不再開便不用, 或再開一個ACCT便行.

At 11:00 PM, Blogger Charles Mok said...

dan, 遲早要再開,但而家當放放假先,對自己可能仲好。

Jonathan, 謝謝,就咁話啦,唔該哂!

At 11:22 PM, Blogger 黑武士仲尼 said...


<-- 出左Facebook group

Charles Mok, 我地撐你!

At 12:57 AM, Blogger cccccnews said...

Oh shit, how could the facebook do that ... especially without any prior notice, and there is no clear rule on it,everyone could face the same situation. I am really surprised your account is banned.

At 2:35 AM, Blogger Aiki♥ said...

I think u better open a new account 1st. Let's see if the will reply the email...

At 10:09 AM, Blogger Charles Mok said...

It is re-opened, sooner than expected. I will blog my "feelings" about this experience soon!


At 3:02 PM, Blogger Unknown said...



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