Monday, March 14, 2011

Who can change Stephen Lam's mind...誰能改變林瑞麟?


The following is from the Hon Raymond Ho Chung-tai, Legislative Councilor for the Engineering Functional Constituency, in the LegCo news part of the newsletter of the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers (HKIE).

Evident from the following, Stephen Lam, Secretary of Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, has told every other associations asking to broaden or rationalize the electorate base of functional constituencies to "go home." So, this only makes his proposal (now passed into law!) to include certain association in the IT FC even more glaringly unorthodox in the way it was handled.

Who can possibly interfere and tell Mr Lam what to do, despite his insistence that there be no "substantial changes?" You tell me.

Proposal on broadening the electorate base of Engineering and Information Technology Functional Constituencies

In 2005, with the endorsement of the Council of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE), I made a proposal on including Graduate Members and Associate Members of the HKIE in the Engineering Functional Constituency electorate and Associate Members in the IT Functional Constituency electorate respectively. Unfortunately, it did not fit in with the scope of the amendments proposed by the government at that time. Recently, I wrote to Mr Stephen Lam, Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, asking him to revisit the subject. Without adopting my proposal, Mr Lam indicated in his reply that there should be no substantial changes to the traditional functional constituencies, which is the government's general policy position in the light of the new election arrangement in 2012 LegCo election. Without giving up, I wrote to the Chairmen of both Associate Members Committee and Young Members Committee of the HKIE to bring their attention to the forthcoming meeting of the Bills Committee on Chief Executive Election (Amendment) Bill 2010 and Legislative Council (Amendment) Bill 2010, of which I am a member. The meeting on 15 January 2011 was to receive views from deputations and individuals on the Bill.


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