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六四真相究竟是什麼?我手上的"The Tiananmen Papers",中文翻譯本正正叫做《中國「六四」真相》,兩位著名的海外中國學者Andrew Nathan和Perry Link,搜集了過千份中國政府文件,在2001年出版。這些文件是什麼?包括政治局、國務院至各地區、軍區的報告和會議紀錄。


“Beijing Municipality has checked and double-checked all the figures from Martial Law Command, the Public Security Ministry, the Chinese Red Cross, all institutions of higher education, and all major hospitals. These show that 241 people died. They included twenty-three officers and soldiers from the martial law troops and 218 civilians.”

The book goes on to explain, that Li Ximing’s figures “should be viewed together with other reports about death of soldiers, citizens and students. Materials from the Martial Law Headquarters, for example, show that no member of the troops that advanced on the city the night of June 3 was killed by city residents, and no solider from the Thirty-Eighth Army, which was responsible for clearing the Square, died on June 3. Of the ten PLA soldiers who lost their lives…six were from the Thirty-Eighth Army, but these men dies when their military transport truck overturned about 2 am…. [These] cannot be properly described as “murdered by rioters.”

“A report from the Beijing Public Security Bureau said, ‘Those killed included university professors, technical people, officials, workers, owners of small public businesses, retired workers, high school students, and grade school students, of whom the youngest was nine years old.’ To judge from this distribution of ages and occupations – from retired old ladies to a nine-year-old child – it would seem likely that the great majority of these people were innocent of all crime.






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